Mind Your Manners: Observing Community Swimming Pool Etiquette Rules

When people want to cool down from the sweltering heat, one good place they can visit is a community pool, such as the one offered by Community Center. Individuals who do plan to head to the public pool should practice proper etiquette. Observing manners in this place is essential as it makes the pool an enjoyable place for everyone. Keep the following etiquette rules in mind when planning to hit the pool to chill out.

Don Appropriate Swimwear

It’s important to take both safety and courtesy into account when it comes to swimming apparel.

Regarding safety, refrain from swimming in baggy clothing, such as an oversized shirt. Wearing such clothing weighs down a swimmer, which can put him or her at risk of drowning. If you’re worried about protecting your skin from the sun, put on a sunscreen.

Concerning courtesy, be mindful of the people around you by wearing swimwear required by the management. If your surroundings or hosts are a bit conservative, think twice about wearing loosely tied thongs and bikinis. Moreover, never swim in the nude.

Keep the Music Down

While there’s no harm in playing music at the pool, a blaring stereo can be disruptive to other visitors. The loud music also makes it difficult for the lifeguard to hear a cry for help. So, keep the volume at a reasonable level.

Additionally, choose your music wisely. Some songs, such as rap music filled with foul language, may not be appropriate in a family-friendly environment.

Use the Pool’s Facilities

Avoid adding dirt to the pool. Do not use the pool facilities to rid your body of grime and loose skin. This is for the sake of your fellow swimmers as well as the lifeguards and staff who clean the pool at the end of the day.

When you need to do your call of nature, use the restroom. The chlorine in the pool does not get rid of the urine. As a matter of fact, urine can react with chlorine and form trichloramine, a byproduct that can irritate the eyes.

Putting on the appropriate swimwear, keeping the music down, and using the pool’s facilities are rules you should remember when swimming at a community pool. Following these rules ensures the pool’s safety and cleanliness, and ultimate fun for all.