Perks of Owning a Vacation Home in South West Australia

Two chairs in the sandy beach

If you’re considering buying a vacation home, then you must consider the diversity the selected location has to offer. Not just diversity in culture, but also in every aspect like views, attractions, marine life and natural surroundings to make sure there is always something new to explore and experience in your home away from home.

South Western Australia has all these to offer and much more making it the perfect spot for you and your vacation home.


Hike on the Best Nature Trails and Explore Caves

The South West region hosts several National Parks that are home to endangered and rare flora species. The most popular of which is the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park which features a lighthouse on each end and has a network of caves accessible to the public. A vacation home in a drive away from the national park gives you a jump off point to explore every cave whether on your own or with a guided tour group.


Satisfy Your Inner Gourmand

If you’re in the mood to indulge in great food and wine, Margaret River is known for the best wineries in all of Australia where you can sample delectable pairings. The wine region boasts 215 vineyards and 187 wineries and having a home in the region will certainly allow you to visit a significant number of these wineries to get to know the subtle nuances of varietals produced.


Go on Seaside Escape and Adventure

Having a home in the South West where Australia’s longest coastline stretch is found can make a beach person out of anyone. Surf at the Back Beach at Bunbury also known as “Bunno” or just watch the sun dip and disappear over the Indian Ocean you’re sure to have a good time without the stress of a long travel home looming over you.


With this range of options, simply be spoilt for choice on where to go and what to experience when you own a vacation home in South Western Australia.