The Most Basic Things You Need to Know Before Renting in New Zealand

Now that you’re finally here in New Zealand, one of the first things you need to do — considering that you already have a job — is find the perfect place to live in. Whether you’re by yourself or with your family, below are some essential things to know about renting in New Zealand:

Tenancy Types

You have two options to choose from, fixed term and periodic tenancy. A fixed term tenancy has a start and end date. It isn’t terminable unless you and your landlord both agree to have your tenancy terminated sooner. A periodic tenancy, on the other hand, could be terminated by you or your landlord under specific circumstances.

Do note that whatever property type you decide to go with, like one of those new rental properties in Hawera or somewhere else in NZ, you need to notify your landlord 21 days prior to ending your tenancy and your landlord needs to notify you 42 to 92 days prior to ending the tenancy.

Related Fees and Costs

You need to pay a letting fee if you rent through a real estate agent. This fee is equal to one week’s rent, plus GST. You’d likewise have to pay in advance two weeks’ worth of rent and a bond equal to four weeks’ worth of rent. Take note that your landlord would only be allowed to claim as much as four week’s bond. Additionally, you might be required to have certain insurance coverage.


Getting your paperwork right is crucial to ensure that you would be covered by particular laws in NZ in the event that there are issues or misunderstandings with your landlord. In general, you might need to fill out a tenancy agreement, bond lodgement form, and a house/flatshare agreement.

To make certain that you enjoy renting, don’t hesitate to speak with your landlord, especially if you have issues from the get-go, to ensure that the tenancy agreement is fair for everyone involved. Understand your responsibilities and rights as a tenant as well as the tenancy agreement prior to signing it. Now, all you have to do is enjoy your time in your new home and pay your rent on time.