Transportation System in Sydney – a Guide for Tourists

An aerial view of Sydney on a sunny day

Going to Sydney soon? If you still have not arranged for a tour around the city, you may want to read about the transportation system in this great metropolis:


As one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the world, Sydney’s bus system operates for almost 24 hours in a day and travels through different parts of the city. These routes are usually prepaid, which means you need to buy a ticket beforehand. Not many people, however, do not have the time to do that and they would prefer to tour the city using the bus as a group.

Thankfully, there is an option to hire a bus from Concord Coaches in Sydney. Through this, touring the city is easier.

NSW Trainlink

The NSW Trainlink is a large metropolitan train station that runs all over the city and also connects Sydney to other parts of the state. The Central Station, which is the main terminal of the line, has trains that leave for other major Australian cities like Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Harbour City Ferries

Want to watch the city from the middle of the harbour? There are ferry services that travel through different suburban destinations along the lip of the harbour.

Light Rail

Melbourne may be more famous than Sydney when it comes to the integration of the light rail network into their transportation system, but that does not mean Sydney’s lag too far behind. The light rail transit arrives at each station every 15 minutes to pick up and drop off passengers.

At the end of the day, there are many options on how to roam around the city. All it takes is thorough research and confidence to ask around for directions. Do not worry, though, residents of Sydney are the friendliest bunch out there.