What You Can Do Right Now to Get Your Home Ready for the Summer

Aircon unit being fixed

Every year, homeowners around the state have to deal with the oppressive heat, bug infestations and hurricane warnings that come with the summer. While there’s nothing you can do to escape the season, there are ways you can prepare for it. Here are three positive suggestions that will keep you and your family safe this summer.

Prepare your AC

If there’s one appliance that will get you through the heat of the summer, it’s your air conditioner. Steinhardt Heating & Air Conditioning explains that now is the right time to have the unit checked by a trustworthy air conditioning repair contractor in Hanover, Indiana. If your AC unit seems like it’s not working correctly, then find a solution before the temperatures become unbearable. You may need to replace the air filter and clean the vents.

Seal air leaks

Your air conditioner may be working just properly, but if there are ventilation leaks in your home, then expect trouble. The cooled air will slowly leak out of your house. Check for openings in areas around your windows and doors. Seal any openings using caulk and weather stripping.

Prevent bug infestations

The warmer weather is the perfect time for all manner of bugs to come out and nest in your house. These insects have been hibernating throughout the winter, and now that temperatures are rising they can soon emerge from their burrows. If you do not set up barriers for them, you’ll start to see them in your walls and attic. Try sealing openings on your walls and using a bug repellent can help.

Getting your home ready for summer does not have to be a difficult challenge. If you can have your AC in perfect order, prevent air leaks and set up barriers for incessant bugs, then you are set for the hot months.