Your Ultimate Guide for Planning Your Wedding

a bride having a photoshoot

Planning for a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. With the right guide and a reliable team to get on board, you can make your wedding dreams come true! Here are tips to get you started.

1. Keep a checklist and a schedule you can stick to.

The best way to keep things in order is by having a checklist and determining a schedule you can stick to. Sort out the elements that will keep the wedding blissful and beautiful while staying on your budget.

It’s time to start calling studios, such as SLC’s JayLynn Studios, that offer reliable and quality photography and videography services for the wedding. If you opt for a prenuptial photoshoot, you can also ask them if they offer packages that cover both the prenuptial and actual wedding events.

Your photo or video team plays an essential part as they will be responsible for capturing picture-perfect wedding memories you can treasure and look back for a lifetime.

2. Put your, your partner’s, and your guests’ happiness first.

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to make everybody happy during the wedding! With good food and drinks to wash it down, you’re on the first step to achieving it.

However, also remember that nothing makes one happier than being in good company. Thus, determine an “exclusive” seating for everyone — one that considers who they’ll be with at the table to chitchat and have fun with.

While making all the guests happy, don’t forget to make your spouse-to-be happy, too! Spend as much special and quality time with each other during the wedding. After all, this event is for both of you.

3. A Plan B always comes in handy.

No matter how organized and planned out the wedding is, sometimes, there are circumstances you can never have full control over. Thus, a Plan B always comes in handy for times like these.

If a member of the entourage can’t attend the wedding due to unforeseen emergency situations, find the second best one to fill their place.

Keep contact numbers of other wedding vendors and service providers, in case one bails. If you’ll hold your wedding outdoors, keep pop-up gazebos ready in case it rains.

Determining alternatives is a way to take the stress and panic away, and never allowing them to spoil your big day.

Keep this guide handy, and you’re on your way to pulling off a wedding filled with smiles, fun memories, and love! Congratulations and best wishes!