Local Council in NZ to Impose New Disposal Fees for Whiteware Items

Whiteware Items

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council in New Zealand plans to impose new fees on July 1 for the disposal of whiteware items.

The local council in Tauranga City will implement the new payments in two tiers. Its recycling centres in Katikati, Te Puke and Athenree will charge $10 for the disposal of large items, such as washing machines, driers, refrigerators and kitchen stoves.

Kelvin Hill, Western Bay of Plenty District Council utilities manager, said that the plan aligns with similar plans by other councils in the country.

Disposal Charges

Disposal for smaller items, such as microwave and bench top ovens, will also require a $5 fee. The planned scheme will help scrap metal recyclers amidst the low cost for recyclable metals, according to Hill. The new fees will likewise allow the council to prevent its recycling facilities to become a drop-off area for items with no material value.

Despite the declining revenue yields from scrap metal, some aspiring businessmen still devise new ways on how to help reduce metal waste in landfills. Students from Pakuranga College are an example.

Metal Conversion

A group of five Pakuranga College students joined this year’s Young Enterprise Scheme, which provides young people with a platform to present their entrepreneurial ideas. The team pitched the concept of creating designer, industrial-style homeware by reusing scrap metal from bicycles.

Clocks and bottle openers comprise the first items that they will use for production, as they have partnered with local bike stores for scrap metal supplies. The group aims to market the new products to cycling enthusiasts and those who are looking for something different.

Scrap metal recycling helps reduce the amount of waste thrown in the landfills. You can sell your old or broken whiteware appliances to businesses that recycle them. This is a win-win for your pocket and the environment.